Vishy Anand Chess Club
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Vishy Anand Chess Club is the first Professional Chess Club in Sri Lanka and is the Official Chess Club of the South Asian Chess Foundation. Formed on 15 September after a discussion among some leading players of the country it was affliated to Chess Federation of Sri Lanka on 20 October, 2001 as a Chess Club coming under the purview of CFSL.

Message from our "IDOL" - GM Viswanathan Anand
Dear Mr. Derrick V. Perera

During one of our usual Sunday surfing sessions we came across your site. I was extremely happy to hear about the Vishy Anand Chess Club and it's activities. The site also mentioned that the Club will be visiting Germany in October. I do hope at some point I will interact with it's members. In the meantime I hope you keep enjoying playing.

I wish the club all the best.

Vishy Anand

The Club and the Team
Derrick V. Perera

Vice President:
Indu Jayawardena

Sajeewa Gamage

Asst. Secretary:
Nuwanka Jayawardena

Lalith De Silva

Committee Members:
Thivanka Mallawarachchi
Shamin De Moraes
Uddama Amarawickrama
R.T. Amarasinghe
Suranga Dolamulla
T.D.R. Peiris

The Team:
1. Uddama Amarawickrama(2173)
2. R.T. Amarasinghe(2188)
3. Thiwanka Mallawarachchi(2237)
4. Derrick V. Perera
5. T.D.R. Peiris(2126)
6. Nuwan Didula De Silva(2214)
7. Dimuthu Priyadarshana(2225)
8. Shamin De Moraes(2045)
9. Indu Jayawardena
10. Nuwanka Jayawardena (Non-playing Captain)
11. Sajeewa Gamage (Team Manager)
12.Suranga Dolamulla (Team Docter)

Vishy Anand Chess Club to Tour Germany
VACC will tour Germany through Asian German Sports Exchange Programme (AGSEP). This will take place from 5th to 26th October 2002.

Historic visit to Jaffna

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